Posting Guidelines

Submissions to Clinikle must follow the guidelines set out here, with listing removal and account termination being the possible alternatives.

Defamatory, False or Misleading Information
You must not post content that is defamatory or otherwise false or misleading. Clinikle accepts no liability for the posts of its users, and will comply with valid court orders to reveal the identities of users engaging in such unlawful behaviour. In short: you are responsible for what you post.
Accurate Photos
The photos you upload must be relevant and appropriate for the practice listing, and should avoid giving false or misleading impressions about the state of the business or premises.
Multiple Accounts
As per our terms of use, you are allowed one account only. Clinikle uses a range of measures to detect fake accounts, and will terminate them and their submissions as necessary.
Keep it clean
Legibility and propriety are important. Avoid using excessive CAPS, foul language, personal attacks, hate speech, or spam. All submissions must be in English, with proper spelling and grammar.